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Telling Your I.T. Story

Storytelling, the new “buzzword” in business communications, has not been warmly embraced by I.T. professionals. Our approach to Storytelling is different, unique, and time-tested.

Every I.T. professional has a story, but choosing the right story takes time, patience, and practice.

In this course, each participant will develop and deliver a business-related story that will be incorporated into their presentation.

Course Outline

We at IG say focus FORWARD (FWD). This stands for three key elements that must be mastered: (F)ind, (W)rite, and (D)eliver.

(F)ind Your Story

The business objective should determine the story, not the other way around. One story will never fit every business objective. With the insight and direction of your IG Senior Trainer, you will find your business story that directly relates to a positive business goal.

(W)rite Your I.T. Story

Using IG’s Storytelling Methodology, you will write a business story that captivates your audience. The two goals of IG’s Methodology are (1) to create a direct link to your business goals, and (2) to create a concise, engaging business story.

(D)eliver Your I.T. Story

Your story is only as good as its delivery. You will acquire the skills to: 1) define, acquire, and project a presence that is uniquely yours; 2) deliver your own distinct, dynamic, and memorable brand; 3) present your business story in a natural and authentic manner; and 4) synchronize your verbal and nonverbal communication (eye contact, gestures, body language, etc.).
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