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Tell Your Story Make the Sale

This workshop is designed for sales professionals who need to enhance their ability to develop and deliver stories to current or prospective clients.

Meaningful stories have the capacity to bridge the gap between the Speaker and the listener, increasing audience interest and engagement.

Storytelling has not yet been embraced by many sales professionals. We understand this initial resistance. But this course does not deal in fluff or spin. Our approach to storytelling is diverse, unique, and proven to succeed.

Through the use of effective and engaging stories, each participant will improve their skills as a persuasive and compelling salespeople.

Course Overview

IG’s Story Board

Utilizing IG’s Story Board, each participant will develop and deliver multiple personal stories that can be allied to real-world business scenarios.

Developing Passionate Stories

In this exercise, each participant will acquire the skills to develop and deliver passionate stories that are appropriate to deliver in a business setting.

Influencing without Authority

In this exercise, each participant will be introduced to the ten essential skills they need to motivate co-workers, clients, and senior leaders. These skills will provide essential support and resources when the Speaker is not part of the decision-making process.
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