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Tell Your Legal Story


Acquire the skills to be a memorable, impactful Story Teller - - - the most potent of all influencing skills.

It is the facts which dictate the outcome of every legal issue or legal case. Presenting to a potential client, a current client, or a jury demands complete attention to detail. However, the audience (whether jurors, clients, or potential clients) may be overwhelmed by abstract dense, not easily understood facts. But weave a story into those incomprehensible facts and your audience will understand those facts. Want your audience to remember what you said? Tell them a story that brings those facts to life.

Story Telling is a skill that is not easily acquired by Attorneys. Attorneys often feel ill-at-ease when telling a story. A story cannot be forced. It must come naturally. Being comfortable telling your legal story takes practice, feedback, energy, and self-confidence.

Choosing the right story for the right legal case or issue is crucial. Your choice of story says a lot about you. Your choice of story establishes your authenticity, which in turn forges trust with your audience that you understand those complex facts and that what you say is truthful. If your audience trusts you, they are more likely to be moved into action by your message.

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