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Presentation Skills for Life Sciences Professionals

In this course, participants will be introduced to the skills required to develop and deliver presentations that draw a clear and direct link between improved patient outcomes and the investments required to achieve and maintain those patient outcomes.

At the conclusion of this course, each participant will be provided with IG’s “Presentation Assistant” application. Our “Presentation Assistant” application works on both IOS and Android devices.

Course Outline

IG Pharma Road-Map

In this exercise, each participant will acquire the skills to create and deliver clear and compelling content that incorporates the following factors: risk, analysis, return of investment (ROI), measuring success, recommendations, accountability, and improved patient outcomes.

Explanation of Complex Topics, Theories, or Data

Audience members often become irritated or turned off when they do not fully understand complex topics. It’s the Speakers job to deliver their content so that it is easily and clearly understood by their desired audience. In this exercise, each participant will acquire the skills required to clearly explain complex topics, theories, and/or data.

Reading Your Audience

To properly read an audience, a Presenter must utilize techniques that are universal. An accurate “read” of an audience may have nothing to do with audience members’ facial animation. It may have nothing to do with whether or not the audience is looking at the Speaker. Myriad cultural factors influence audience behavior. However, there are universally applicable ways to assess an audience’s engagement during a presentation. In this exercise, each participant will be introduced to these universal “reads” and will be provided with the skills required to address them effectively during the presentation.

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