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Exceptional I.T. Presentations

Our Exceptional I.T. Presentations program provides participants with the skills required to present technical information clearly and engagingly to non-technical audiences. Under the instruction of a Senior IG Trainer, participants will master the ability to present technical content to people who are not technically inclined. This will be achieved without diluting content or sacrificing critical details.

By the completion of this course, each participant will have the tools necessary in order to present virtually or in person with poise and confidence.

Each participant will be given access to IG’s “Presentation Assistant” Application. Our Application works on both IOS and Android devices.

Course Outline

Don’t You Get It?

It’s easy for audience members who don't have a technical background to get overwhelmed by a technical presentation if it’s not delivered clearly and concisely. What’s more, when they find they can’t understand the content of the presentation, audience members may become defensive, perceiving the Presenter as arrogant or dismissive. It is ultimately the job of the Presenter to deliver content so that it is clearly understood. In this exercise, participants will learn create and deliver technical content without being perceived as arrogant, defensive, or dismissive.

Just the Facts: Data

Facts and statistics are an essential aspect of a technical presentation. In fact, data is often the most important aspect of a technical presentation. Data should be the basis of your reasoning, calculations, and or recommendations. In this exercise, each participant will learn to present data utilizing effective infographics.

Oh No--Not Another I.T. Initiative!

There will always be resistance to change in organizations. Resistance to learning and using new or updated I.T. systems can be particularly challenging. Utilizing IG’s T.E.C.H. method, each participant will create and deliver a presentation for an upcoming technological change in a way that’s clear and persuasive.

(T)each: each participant will create content that clearly and concisely describes a new system or initiative, dramatically increasing audience retention and engagement.

(E)ngage: each participant will create content that establishes a clear link between their I.T. system or initiative and increased performance, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

(C)larity: each participant will clearly and persuasively articulate how the investment of time and resources in learning the new system will pay off for each participant.

(H)elp: each participant will clearly set-out the technical support resources available to audience members.

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