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MBTI (Myers Briggs) Workshop


We at Illuminata Global (IG), as certified MBTI facilitators, find the MBTI assessment tool for addressing personality preferences both reliable and cost effective. MBTI assessments are important in executive leadership development, project management, newly formed and existing teams to help members work more effectively together.

We begin by extending an invitation to complete the MBTI assessment to individuals identified by the organization. A personal survey will be provided to each participant during the workshop. The results look at the natural differences in people and the way they approach life and business.

In our MBTI Workshop, we will explain the characteristics of the 16 different personality types and their impact on teams. This will help you confirm your preferences for how you work and what you expect of others. 
This workshop will offer useful and revealing insights as to what motivates each personality type to work in a certain way within the team setting.

We provide ample opportunity for participants to interact with varying personality types and hear first-hand feedback that should provide valuable information in improving working relationships.

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