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Influencing Decision Makers

One-person cannot make every decision. Effective leaders rely on the expertise of their employees to provide them with the information they need in order to make the best possible decisions for their organization.

In this course, each participant will be introduced the ten essential skills they need to motivate co-workers, clients, and senior leaders to provide support and resources when the participant is not part of the decision-making process.

Course Overview

Ten Essential Skills

In this exercise, each participant with develop and deliver a presentation which incorporates IG’s Ten Essential Skills, dramatically increasing the Speakers ability to influence their audience when they are not a part of the decision-making process.

Articulating Your Contributions

In this exercise, each participant will acquire the skills to clearly articulate their respective contributions to the organization, showing a clear and direct link between their contributions and increased productivity and profitability, dramatically increasing their ability to influence without authority.

Explanation of Complex Topics, Theories, or Data

Audience members often become irritated when they do not fully understand complex topics. It’s the Speaker’s job to deliver their content so that it is easily and clearly understood by their audience. In this exercise, each participant will acquire the skills required to clearly explain complex topics, theories, and/or data.

Creating an Atmosphere of Mutual Benefit

Business leaders must foster an atmosphere of collaboration in order to work effectively towards common organizational goals such as: increased productivity, profitability, and overall job satisfaction. Incorporating key organizational goals, each participant will develop and deliver a presentation which clearly identifies areas of mutual benefit.

Building Relationships

It is impossible to establish or maintain an effective working relationship, if you cannot agree on the facts. Facts are an essential aspect of establishing and building credibility. In fact, accurate data is a building block of fostering credibility and therefore collaboration. In this exercise, each participant will acquire the skills to effectively articulate their reasoning, calculations, and or recommendations.

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