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Becoming a Dynamic Facilitator


Our goal, at Illuminata Global (IG), is to provide facilitation services for important meetings where all team members need to be free to participate and provide valuable discussion on strategies that will impact the business. We take pride in our ability to make a difference in meeting outcomes. We will be there from planning of the agenda to capture of the final decisions. We are also available for follow-up at agreed upon intervals to ensure actions are on track.

The role of the Senior IG Facilitator is to:

  • Ensure the meeting objectives are achieved.
  • Assist in role clarification.
  • Keep the meeting on-track and moving forward.
  • Avoid side tracks.
  • Encourage full group participation.
  • Capture notes on agreed decisions and future goals.
  • Resolve conflicts that may derail a meeting.
  • Prepare a post session report with action items and assigned owners.
  • Ensure virtual participants have equal contribution.

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