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Accent Reduction

Do you have non-native English speakers on your staff who need to improve their ability to communicate with co-workers, colleagues, and clients? Is a strong accent holding them back from advancing in your organization? IG's customized Accent Reduction course will help them gain the skills and tools to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively in any business situation.

Our customized one-on-one Accent Reduction course is designed to help non-native American English speakers tackle American Business English.

The course is taught by experienced IG linguistic experts. Using standard American Business English, regardless of their native language, they will acquire the skills to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively.

Our Accent Reduction course is designed to accommodate each participant’s schedule. Training sessions are conducted via conference call, allowing them to complete their training from any location. Participants must commit to 15 one-hour sessions.


During their one-on-one sessions, participants will learn to use their mouth, teeth, and tongue to form clear vowel and consonant sounds. They will also learn how to modify their intonation and stress patterns, increasing their ability to speak clearly and effectively.

IG‘s method is based on a comprehensive individual analysis that identifies key areas that need improvement in the participant’s current speech, such as pronunciation, rate of speaking, and detrimental speech habits.

Using existing sound patterns, we use intensive oral motor improvement methods for spoken American Business English.

The course goal is to establish new patterns of what linguists call oral motor behaviors. That means breaking old speech habits and creating new and better ones. It’s an intensive process that requires daily practice. That’s why our Accent Reduction training is concentrated and custom-designed to meet your individual speech goals.

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