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Executive Presence (advanced)

Our Executive Presence course is designed to show managers how to enhance and project an authentic presence with coworkers, clients, and senior leadership.

The old adage is true - “Perception is reality.” The way an audience perceives a Speaker may be the opposite of their intent. Our Senior Trainers will provide each participant with the skills they need to project their unique presence without being aggressive, confrontational, or passive. In this course, each participant will align their true intent with the perception of their audience.

Each participant will be given access to IG’s “Presentation Assistant” Application. Our Application works on both IOS and Android devices.

Course Outline

Vision: Competitive Landscape and Profitability.

It is crucial for managers to provide senior leadership with clear analysis based on their research, expertise, and insight. In this exercise, each participant will create and deliver a clear vision of their organization’s competitive landscape and profitability forecast.

Collaboration and Productivity

Business leaders must foster an atmosphere of collaboration in order to work effectively towards common organizational goals: increased productivity, profitability, and overall job satisfaction. Without an established atmosphere of collaboration, an organization will not be able to gain or sustain a competitive edge in the marketplace. In this exercise, each participant will develop a framework for increasing collaboration between two divisions or departments in order to increase their organization’s competitiveness.

Passion: Positive versus Negative

Passion drives us to succeed, but it can make an audience uncomfortable with a Speaker and their content. In this exercise, each participant will learn how to use the positive aspects of passion to engage their audience while not allowing that passion to derail their presentation.

Influence without Authority

In this exercise, each participant will be introduced to the ten essential skills they need to motivate co-workers, clients, and senior leaders to provide support and resources when the participant is not part of the decision-making process.

Deliver Your Message with Candor and Clarity

Inevitably, leaders find themselves challenged. Knowing how to address these challenges effectively is a hallmark of effective leadership. In this exercise, participants will learn the skills required to communicate clear, concise responses without appearing confrontational, aggressive, or passive.

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